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Linkster showcase
Linkster showcase

Why linkster?

Because we love golf and spend too much time organizing our favourite pastime, so we created linkster, to help players spend less time managing their game and more time enjoying it.

Beyond Tee Times

Connecting with players and groups requires more than just scheduling. Linkster goes deeper with solutions for sourcing, communication, content, and results.


Find a game or a players. It’s all about your Player List.


Chatter is reduced to a simple, clean solution.


Realtime leadboards in the palm of your hand.

Media Links

Keep up to date on all things golf.


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Something For Everyone

We tried working in the dark, but it’s no fun. So we’re pleased to provide a free version for the individual player. For Group activity & other great features, try linkster+. Thank you for your support in helping us better the game.

Linkster showcase

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Now you and your friends can manage your games with ease and zero hassle.