Golf Scheduling, Simplified

Designed for the way friends organize and manage their games, including scheduling, scoring, and communications.

Linkster showcase
Linkster showcase

What is linkster?

A custom golf solution to help players fill their tee times efficiently, find an open game and manage group play.

Works The Way You Do

Connecting with players and groups is more than just booking tee times. Linkster goes deeper to provide game and player availability, communications, and relative content.


Find players or a game. It’s all about your Player List.


Chatter is reduced to a simple, clean solution.


A single view of our TTs, events and availability.

Media Links

Keep up to date on all things golf.


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Something For Everyone

Linkster has all the tools to make the job easy, whether its a single tee time or managing a group game.

Linkster showcase

The Players Platform

Now you and your friends can manage your games with ease and zero hassle.